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We strive to make your switch to solar power energy as easy as possible. Financing is no exception! We gladly offer $0 down, Free solar installation, low monthly payments with a fixed rate. In addition, you will no longer need to pay your electric bill any more and you will even get paid by your utility company for unused electricity that your solar panels will generate and the utility company will use.

Concerned about global warming, rising utility costs or the economy, we can help you save money while making a difference.
We partner with renewable energy providers and lenders to make residential and commercial systems easy and affordable. We offer simple and cost effective finance solutions. Having multiple options makes sense and our solar experts will review each of them with you. The expected long-term return on your investment with home solar is greater than what you would earn on a comparable investment in stocks or a CD savings account.

Cash Option
If you prefer to pay cash for your solar system, you can take advantage of state rebates and a 30% Federal Tax Credit that will reduce the gross cost of your installation by as much as 50%.

Home Equity Loans
A home equity loan is a common option for the purchase and installation of your solar system. Remember, installing a solar energy system is comparable to any other upgrade you might do to your home, such as installing a new deck or remodeling a kitchen. Having a home with solar will increase the sale value by up to 20%! Find out how much you can save by requesting a free solar consultation! There is no obligation!

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• 30% Tax credit
• Cash rebate from utility company
• Stable monthly cost
• Reduction of your current electric bill
• Consequences or benefits when selling your home
• Solar system ownership/equity after completion of financing
• Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
• System maintenance

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